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Why you Need a Real Estate Agent when Selling your Home

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You may think you’re saving on cash by selling your home by yourself. However, there are many things that could go wrong by doing so. You may end up spending more and tying loose ends instead.

The best way to succeed at your home sale experience is by hiring a real estate agent. That way, you have someone who’s well connected, knowledgeable, and can stay objective.

Here’s a list of things that a real estate agent can do for you:

  • Accurately price your home
  • Real estate agents come equipped with the latest local market information. They can compare your home with other properties in the area and upon assessment, they can give it a competitive price.

    It is crucial that your home is correctly priced on its market debut. An overpriced home stays on the market longer, forcing you to slash the price. This is a huge red flag for many, if not all, potential buyers.

  • Market your home effectively
  • Real estate agents have access to online tools like a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that regular home sellers don’t usually have. With people accessing the internet to shop for homes, your home advertised in an MLS will make it easier for potential buyers to find.

    In addition to listings, agents also plan marketing strategies to put your home out there. They could have your home professionally photographed for an internet campaign, put out newspaper ads, create brochures, or have a combination of all three.

  • Make your house sale-ready
  • Expert real estate agents can provide valuable advice for boosting your home’s appeal so it can sell faster at a higher price. They can also recommend professional home stagers to get your home ready for showings or open houses.

    Agents can also screen people going to your showings for you. They can tell if someone’s a potential buyer or just curious.

  • Negotiate with potential buyers and their agents
  • Real estate agents are expert negotiators with experience no ordinary home seller has. They’ll know what to look out for and how to navigate through offers from potential buyers and their agents. They can also make more logical decisions for you because they can go beyond the emotional attachment and see your home’s true value.

  • Guide you through complex paperwork and transactions
  • The paperwork that comes with selling a home can be daunting, especially to first-time home sellers. A real estate agent will take this burden off your shoulders and ensure that the sale runs as efficiently as possible. Your real estate agent will also be there to answer questions and deal with any problems that may arise in the initial sales agreement and closing.

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To learn more about the steps involved in selling your home, follow the link to each of these six steps:

  1. Decide to sell
  2. Select an agent and price
  3. Prepare to sell
  4. Accepting another offer
  5. Escrow, inspections, and appraisals
  6. Closing