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Two ways you can market your home to Millennials


Raised in the advent of the digital world, Millennials now represent a large part of home buyers in the country. What can you do to capture their interest?

These two marketing tools can help you win over home buyers from this demographic.

Instagram Stories

There is no denying it– Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. And one of its features, “Stories,” transformed the way we share a part of our lives to the community.

How it works: One reason why Instagram Stories is so popular is that it is easy to use. One tap and you open the camera, which you use to take photos or videos. There are many ways to edit this media. You can use filters, add texts, or decorate with stickers and .gifs.

When you’re done, you share it to your followers (or to the public if your account is not private). People can view these posts or stories for 24 hours, after which it will expire. You can opt to save the stories to your archive in the settings.

Why it works: Aside from the fact that Facebook owns Instagram, its Stories function has over 400 million active users. This creates a lot of opportunities if you want to reach a broad audience.

You can also compile existing stories into “Highlights” and pin in to your profile. Because of the short and easy format, Instagram Stories is a great way to introduce clients to your brand. Best of all, Instagram Stories is a free feature, but you can also pay for ads.

Facebook Live

Virtual property tours continue to gain traction in real estate marketing. If you want a fresh and more personable spin to this tactic, try Facebook Live.

How it works: Facebook Live is all about you taking a video and streaming it to viewers on real time. They can post comments and questions. As a result, you can address these queries fast.

Aside from property tours, you can use Facebook Live to show viewers around a particular neighborhood or community.

Why it works: Instagram Stories only lets you post short videos. Facebook Live, allows you to stream videos as long as four hours. Your friends and followers are also notified whenever you are live. Done with your livestream? You can save it and keep it on your Facebook page for as long as you want.

Opportunities for engagement are high when you use Facebook Live. According to, 2 billion people have watched these broadcasts.

Like Instagram Stories, Facebook Live is a free feature. It is a great tool to use if you want to show your property to Millennial home buyers who can’t make it the house tour. All you need is a smartphone with a good camera and Internet connection.

Formula Realty knows how to market to Millennials

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